APN aims to pass down the art of making Neapolitan Pizza pizza this will assure the continuation of this ancient tradition and also offer those wishing to learn this "art" a solid opportunity to enter the world of employment.

The Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani has proud members from all over the world and has succeeded in having Neapolitan pizza recognised and protected by the European Union, through the trademark of S.T.G. Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policy.

Presently, APN has achieve another important goal for all its mebers : The art of Neapolitan pizza now  has UNESCO World Heritage status.
Australasia is managed by Phillip Bruno (APN Australian President) from Scoozi in Ascot Vale - Melbourne, Victoria.
Phillip Bruno is classified as a Master Pizzaiolo and has the authority to accredit a Pizzaiolo or a Pizzeria in Australia and New Zealand. Phillip provides training courses for the professionals and for the novice at Scoozi where his students are accredited with certificates from Naples upon completion.

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